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Our Culture

At EPI Breads, we put bread on the table. That's what you'll be doing every day for your family and people all across America, and we want every slice to be what we'd proudly serve a guest in our homes. Just as important, we want you to grow your career here, and stay here. That's why we provide plenty of opportunities for you to make that happen, and make more money.

EPI is a safe, friendly, fun place to work. If you need help, just ask. If you have an idea or question, we're all ears all of the time. We're not just a bunch of people going to work each day. We build relationships and always have each others' backs. And when we say "always", we mean always.


Our Employee Values

At EPI, our employee values are to make sure our Team Members understand what we expect of them, and what they can expect of us.

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